Tyre Recycle Statistics in EU Countries

As excerpt from the website, that it has been estimated around one billion tyres are withdrawn from use in the world each year. The corresponding figure in Europe is around 250 million tyres. Of these tyres, around 60% are reused in some way and the rest end up in landfills. As recently as 1994 the figures were almost the other way round, with over 60% of tyres ending up in landfills. Recycling has developed quickly and at the same time legislation has become more strict

The annual accumulation of used tyres in EU-countries

Country: Used Tyres / Year: Population:
Netherlands 65.000 tn 15.492.800
Belgium 70.000 tn 10.143.000
Spain 330.000 tn 39.241.900
Ireland 7.640 tn 3.591.200
Great Britain 400.000 tn 58.684.000
Italy 360.000 tn 57.330.500
Austria 41.000 tn 8.045.800
Greece 58.500 tn 10.474.600
Luxembourg 2.000 tn 412.800
Portugal 45.000 tn 9.920.800
France 380.000 tn 58.265.400
Sweden 65.000 tn 8.737.500
Germanny 650.000 tn 81.845.000
Finland 30.000 tn 5.116.000
Denmark 38.500 tn 5.251.600
Total 2.542.640 tn 372.552.900

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